Spa Moment

M a s s a g e + B o d y w o r k

Welcome. My name is Anthony.

I'm a licensed massage therapist with 12 years of experience in the Greater Houston area. I provide a luxury spa experience designed to create the ultimate relaxing moment. Organic essentials, soothing sounds, and revitalizing aromas - everything tailored to your preference. My technique takes the best of Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point, to provide a productive yet deeply relaxing session. Whether you're looking for the perfect spa moment, or the bodywork to keep you moving, my massage will accommodate your needs.

|||||| MENU ||||||

| The Assuage |||||||||

[ Swedish ]
This therapeutic service will leave you feeling grounded, renewed, and relaxed. Designed to target your troublesome areas and soothe your tension. Become one with the massage table as you are skillfully pampered with warm oil, towels, and aromatherapy. Choose from light, medium, or firm pressures - or anywhere in between.

60M - $100 90M - $140 120M - $170

| The Basalt |||||||||

[ Hot Stone ]
Hot stones are an ancient Ayurvedic tool, used to transfer a soothing heat into the deeper tissue to effortlessly ease tension and muscle soreness. This service utilizes the yin and yang of both hot and cold stones to leave you feeling refreshed and restored. Peace out and relax as you are massaged with warm stones and finished with a cold stone face massage. Positively a client favorite.

60M - $100 90M - $140 120M - $170

| The Cocoshea |||||||||

[ Body Wrap ]
Enjoy a gentle, full body exfoliation followed by a comforting, skin nourishing, wrap. Using a saffron infused house blend of roasted cocoa, aloe, and shea butters, this peace out and relax service is sure to leave your skin feeling softer and looking brighter. And let's not forget the tension melting, scalp and foot massage while you are cozily wrapped.

90M - $160

| The Bambusa |||||||||

[ Bamboo ]
One of the hidden gems in the spa industry, Warm Bamboo offers many of the same benefits as Hot Stones but offers more utility for your massage therapist to truly penetrate the deeper levels of tissue. Recommended for fans of Deep Tissue and those who like a firmer touch.

60M - $100 90M - $140 120M - $170

||||| ADDITIONS ||||||

| The Nourishing Scalp |||||||||

Enjoy a 15 minute scalp massage using Sweet Almond Oil infused with organic saffron oil. This addition will have you float away, leaving your hair and scalp hydrated and nourished.


| The Light Step |||||||||

Give your feet the attention they deserve. Enjoy 15 minutes dedicated to only your feet. Massaged with roasted cocoa, aloe, and shea butters for optimum hydration and restoration.


| The Body Brush |||||||||

Treat your skin to a gentle body brushing. This ancient beauty method stimulates blood + lymph circulation, and exfoliates the skin, leaving you with a glow and smooth skin texture.



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